Why Should an Architect/Designer travel?

travelYou’ve diligently sketched out the design of the next concept, but then again it looks all too familiar. Flipping aside the sketch pad your floundering around looking for some“inspiration” to create “something new.”

Has studying the same surrounding has lulled creativity?  Here’s telling you why it’s important for you to travel. 

Renew Your Creative Energy

Studying the design and structure of a different city, will renew your creative energies. It is a sure shot way to break free from the design paralysis that’s been weighing you down. 


Seek Real Inspiration

Picturesque Instagram posts, glossy magazine covers and Google images give the pictorial presentation of a place but to get the feel of a place you have to visit it. Inspiration is subjective, some seek it from the light shadow effect on a building and others from its intricate carvings.  Travel to find out what inspires you? 


Decipher Historical messages

Architecture speaks of the culture of those long forgotten eras which one may have only read off.  Greek Architecture resonates reasoning, Roman architectural marvels were structured around a focal point and Byzantine Architecture had buildings designed for a specific purpose. Hence, travel gives important messages about the history of architecture in a particular surrounding and during a particular time.

Know What The Future Looks Like

Architecture is evolving and has become dynamic in nature.  The modern architect bears in mind the needs of the people while constructing a building and aims at constructing reality. In a way people shape building, but in another way buildings shape human experiences. Travel and study contemporary new age buildings to know what the future looks like.


Knowledge Enrichment

Travel is one of the best ways for knowledge enrichment. Journey to those faraway lands and unravel stories. Soak in the essence of the surrounding or just chat up with a local to know their story. These experiences give valuable lessons to apply in your own growth story.


Travel to explore the plethora of opportunities the world has to offer. Are these the experiences your craving to experience?

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