VARANASI: Opens up to those fashionable splendours





Questerra’s Indian Contemporary Intensive, as the name suggests is for creators to witness the manner in which Indian fabrics have fit into today’s contemporary designs. Indian fabric has its partisans scattered world over, hence it has been globalized. Come and explore the finery of Indian textiles in the cities of Delhi, Varanasi and Kolkata.

After Delhi, next stop is Varanasi. The city opens up to the imagery of sunset casting a peachy glow on the Ganges, painting a picture so pretty that one would wish for time to stand still. Apart from the visually appealing charm, the city’s weavers weave Banarasi fabric that is coveted world over.  Imagine the fashion inspiration you could seek from the birthplace of a fabric so fine.

Varanasi presents our travelers with an opportunity to learn from local artisans so that they can go on to create such creations in their own collection. Spend time working on your own creations, feeding of the inspiration of Varanasi and all its elements. The flowing Ganges, the diligent artisan or the sunset view anything could inspire you to create your masterpiece.   If that’s gotten you excited? Here’ what your days in Varanasi are going to look like.

Day 03 & 04

Jaiswal & Co.



The day brings with it an experience Fashion professionals normally dream off. Those intricately done zari patterns are a thing of sheer beauty. Just how do the craftsmen, exhibit craftsmanship of such quality? Spend two days with Saurabh Jaiswal & Co, India’s oldest or first Zari practising family.  It’s interesting to note fashion is a family legacy of sorts in our country.

Day 05

Ekaya Studio and free time




Ekaya studio embodies the hand-loom industry of India and is slowly inching towards traditional design making a place for itself in today’s ever changing fashion scene. Watching this progression is a design revelation as one often fails to realize the manner in which traditional designs still find their influence in contemporary ones. Post your studio visit, the day is at your disposal to explore Varanasi with all its beauty.



In a nutshell: Days on the intensive come with learning’s that will inspire you to create work that perhaps seemed like a bleak possibility before. The Intensive is a one-stop destination for all your Fashion knowledge. Curated by Deekshita Jain, a designer who is here to change the fashion scene with her label  phd. The Intensive is a journey from conceptualization to creation, that comes from inspiration derived in the course of the journey. You will return back with work your proud to showcase. The lineup of activities will put your creativity to test, group sessions will result in out of the box thinking that will leave you pleasantly surprised and the expert sessions will fill you with astonishment on understanding the inner aspects on all things Fashion. Imagine waking up to fashion, spending the day reeling around fashion activities and signing off for the night talking Fashion? Can you think of a better way to understand fashion inside out?  

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