Vacation & Travel: The line of difference


A thin line separates travel from vacation and the two words are often interchanged with one another. The line of difference starts as an opportunity – The opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture, art and experience of your travel. Vacation is the physical act of going to a place and travel being the act of education and immersion into the country’s culture.
The significance of travel is emoted beautifully in this verse of a poem written by Edna St. Vincent Millay –

“My heart is warm with the friends I make,
And better friends I’ll not be knowing;
Yet there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take,
No matter where it’s going.”

Breaking free from the shackles of your mundane routine and going to lands unknown is what dreams are made of. Exploring every inch of this beautiful planet is what the heart of any youth desires and yet, as soon as we wake up ‘the routine’ ropes us back in. So the next time you save and leave for a vacation imagine what kind of personal growth you can achieve if you cross that line of difference and reshape your vacation into travel.
There is a widely accepted notion preaching travel as the best form of education. The knowledgeable and fame worthy have emphasized the importance of educative travel. It widens your horizons and makes you a better person. Every time you go out exploring a new culture – the lessons you learn, the history you take in and the people you interact with make you a better human being.
Travel education is the primary data collection for the research called life. To live your life to the fullest extent it is of vital importance that you step out of your comfort zone and move forward to inculcate the beauty of this diverse planet into your own life.
A lot of people already travel the world and blog about it, some travel and share their wisdom through other forms of communication. Only you can take the plunge and benefit from the hands -on experience that is unparalleled to being holed up in one place. Travel shouldn’t be restricted to sapping up the luxury that a place has to offer, it is about the warm smile that greets you while enjoying a meal with locals or it is the wind that sweeps your face as you stroll to nowhere.

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