The World is looking East : Tokyo & Seoul, Future of Fashion?


Asian Fashion is always filled with very unique designs and hint of the culture they’re associated with. Among most cities in Asia, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong are very futuristic with their designs and help set a lot of trends for designers.

Reading into trends and understanding the current market can be very important for young designers before they can grow and branch into the industry.


Japan is probably one of the most forward when it comes to futuristic fashion on the street. In Harajuku, youth culture reigns and shops cater towards fashion forward youngsters.

The Bunka Gakeun Costume Museum



The Bunka Gakeun Costume Museum is affiliated with the Bunka fashion institute. This museum is extremely significant because it hold high importance to Japanese History in fashion. This museum has collected about 20,000 dresses from all around Japan and has 4 exhibits every year to educate each and every fashion student about the Japanese fashion history. It is always extremely integral part of learning to learn about our any culture’s fashion history. It helps develop you as a designer and inspires you to think ahead by never damaging the roots.

Armani Privé Fall/Winter 2011-12 Couture was inspired by the Japanese culture of futuristic fashion and also speaks volumes about how cosplay has changed the dressing game for most people around the world.


Cosplay in Harajuku is extremely famous and you will see teenagers dressed in all kinds of anime characters. It is extremely fascinating to see teenagers and youngsters dressed in characters and embrace it proudly. Futuristic style inspirations can easily be derived from this and you can end up being the paparazzi for the day, creating a whole mood of visualizing appealing styles.


Harajuku street Fashion, Cosplay

The Lolita Fashion

The Lolita Fashion movement started in the 80’s. The term lolita is means  ‘Romantic’. There are types of Lolita girls and different girls in Japan experiment differently. Lolita fashion is basically an interpretation of the Victorian era of clothing. In Harajuku, this genre of dressing is very evidently noticeable and full rewarding to watch and understand the style trends.





A Christian Dior haute couture from the fall/winter 2007/2008 collection is inspired by the lolita girl or the ‘Victorian era’ .









WGSN is a trend forecasting website used by designers all over the world to be fashion forward and design according to seasons. Therefore, the insights that you will receive from their office in Tokyo will be extremely helpful and informative. When it comes to style, colour and silhouette forecasting, WGSN is one of the most subscribed websites. Many good design universities teach students about trends through WGSN.



The fashion in Seoul moves fast and is incredibly driven.


K-Pop is one of the most famous culture around the world where the K-pop fashion is considered extremely forward and Futuristic. Visit  Seongsu-dong – the birthplace of Seouls footwear revolution & designers. Meet K-pop influencers to understand the street style shopping market and research on the street style K-pop trends.

Concept Korea at New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 blew the minds of many high fashion couturiers.

Simone Handbag Museum

Simone Handbag Museum can give an overlook of the the bags that were collected from the 16th century. It consisted of over 400 to 500 bags from different years and hold high ancient significance. You will understand how trends have moved by the years and get an insight on Korean style diversity.


Simone Handbag Museum

Korea Museum of western Costume

Korea Museum of western Costume is one such place where you will definitely find diversity in different styles and designs and a contemporary touch to Korean culture. Visiting the museum could give lots of design inspirations to young designers who are still not sure how to translate culture into contemporary art.


Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Dongdaemun Design Plaza is known for its extravagant efforts of keeping art alive. They constantly have fashion shows, art exhibits and galleries. Visiting these art exhibits can be so significant to brainstorm ideas and create a collection. Translating art into fashion is a beautiful transformation and will definitely entice new design possibilities. The DDP street culture gives a closer look at K-pop and other Korean street style dressing aspects. The DDP night market as well has a variety of shops to compare the price ranges of these street style clothing and help with your collection commercially by understanding Korean trends.

The exterior of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza



Tokyo and Seoul are influencing fashion all over the world by mixing sub-culture and truly being honest to dressing up. The more design possibilities come from cultures and subcultures that different countries through at us. Tokyo and Seoul are one of the growing cities in Asia for futuristic fashion.  

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