London : Talking Fashion in Londres!

London is one of the fashion capitals of the world. It’s unique products have made it compete with the other fashion capitals of the world. The city is home to one of the top leading fashion industries and most employment in London is by the Fashion industry. London is known for its  traditional handcraft in shirt making, a radiating sub-culture and striking street style fashion.

You will have so much fun just being Paparazzi for a day and observing the diverse street style that London has to offer.  



The Relevance of London for Fashion enthusiasts


The Victoria and Albert Museum

This museum is one of the leading museums for art and design. It hold over 2.3 million objects that were made over 5000 years ago. The museum collects a collection that traces back to years of human creativity. It also holds collections of art, photography, jewelry,  sculpture, textiles, painting and various other design fields.

The Victoria and Albert Museum was founded back in 1899 by Queen Victoria. Although, it was earlier the museum of manufacturers of objects and things. It has evolved in time and now is home to one of the most creative collections that humans ever had to offer. This Museum also has collection from Coco Chanel, Cristobal Balenciaga, Vivienne Westwood,  and many other legendary designers. It goes without saying that the V&A museum is of very high significance in terms of not only fashion, but also all kinds of art.

Go to Vintage shops in Bricklane

London is one city that does not give up on vintage fashion. If you love vintage style and fashion, London has various options in store for you. There are multiple vintage stores in London that you can easily find in Bricklane. These stores are not only decently priced but also have good quality items. Through these stores, you can relate back to the British fashion and how it has evolved to today’s time and style of various young people.

Vintage shops in London, come with brilliant vintage decor.



Visit Oxford and Regent Street

The Oxford and Regent street is home to various high street brands. Being able to visit these stores to be updated on the current styles and trends could be very beneficial. These lanes no just have affordable fast fashion  but also luxury brands. The simplest way to be able to examine price rates, brand identity and the triple down market. There are various stores you can compare to but I would suggest you first do your research on the brand and then compare the aesthetics of the two. This way it’ll be easier to understand the deviation of style and quality of the product.

Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins as you know is a world renowned fashion and arts institute located in London. CSM is considered one of the best schools in England and tops the charts when compared to the world. The faculty our people from the industry who know head to toe about fashion. To be able to meet one of them and do a styling, designing and even fashion communication workshop with one of them will just be an honour. CSM gives you wide perspective about international art and fashion. Workshops held at these centers can prove to be very beneficial for a fashion design student.

Travelling to London can add lots of value to your design venture. Whether its understanding the trends or being able to pull through all the style you’ve seen on the streets of london, its an overall excellent exposure to the industry. Carrying forward all that you’ve seen and learning to make the best of what you have to offer is what the main objective of travel.   

So have you booked your tickets to London yet?  

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