The Fashion Intensive 2 : Unravel the History of Fashion in Ahmedabad!

Designer labels, roll out collection after collection and gain rightful recognition for their work. But every good design reaches its pinnacle, only after the finer details come into play. Indian Design is world renowned for its intricacy and attention to detailing. As your finger’s comb through fabrics of the finest quality, do you question yourself on where and how is such artisanal mastery exhibited? Trace the journey of Fashion, from the beginning in Ahmedabad. The city opens up to all experiences fashion such as you will find village residents engage in the Patola technique and can trace the history of cotton that’s documented in the Calico Museum of Textiles. That’s not all the intensive unravels fashion in all its glory with these experiences.


Day 04: Visit the Bazaar’s of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad’s embroidery is wondrous in every way, artisans and craftsmen produce masterpieces day after day. So the activity of the day is perhaps, every designers dream. It is a field research and the city’s narrow streets, house a treasure chest. Browse, shop, touch, feel and take it all with you.



Task: At the end of the day return to the hotel and deconstruct all your purchases. The best way to understand something is going about and understanding how it was made.

Day 05: Patola of Pathan

Patola, a double woven design technique prevalent in India and Indonesia, is practiced with fervor in Ahmedabad.  The transformational eye catching effect this technique has on the fabric will leave you transfixed to it. This day on the intensive will take you behind the scenes and educate you on the manner in which this technique is performed.


Task: Post the proceedings of the day all the inspiration that this visit has churned should be channelized into your own ideas. Patola is etched on graph sheets, use your your inspiration and see how the patola technique can be incorporated in a design of your own. .



In a nutshell: Days on the intensive come with learning’s that will inspire you to create work that perhaps seemed like a bleak possibility before. The Intensive is a one-stop destination for all your Fashion knowledge. It is a journey from conceptualization, which comes from inspiration and by the end you will be able to proudly showcase your work. The lineup of activities will put your creativity to test, group sessions will result in out of the box thinking that will leave you pleasantly surprised and the expert sessions will fill you with astonishment on understanding the inner aspects on all things Fashion. Imagine waking up to fashion, spending the day reeling around fashion activities and signing off for the night talking Fashion? Can you think of a better way to understand fashion inside out?  

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