The Fashion Intensive 2 : Learn the Business of Fashion in Mumbai!


After learning from the grandeur of traditional Indian designs, the Intensive makes a switch to studying from the alluring charm of present day trends in Mumbai. The fashion capital of the country opens up a plethora of opportunities to learn about the functioning of the Fashion Industry.

The most beauteous design has been etched out in your sketchbook, but that’s not all is it? The story begins from here. Hence this leg of the journey brings you in touch with the business aspect of Fashion.

Mumbai presents you with a chance to get first hand understanding on Fashion photography and to weave a story to market and communicate the essence of your design in the best way to the masses. Here’s presenting to you a day by day run of the activities that will transpire in the course of the Mumbai leg of the intensive.



Day 06: Meet with professionals from the Industry

Fashion is what it is, because all the right elements came into play. Today, is dedicated to learning from all of those aspects. Fashion Photographer, Abhishek Golecha, Fashion Entrepreneur, Jayesh Sachdev and Fashion Designer of Papa Don’t Preach, Shubhika Davda. These engaging sessions, will give you a lot to learn from and think about.





Return back early to work on the presentation the following day, It is time to prep up for the presentation the following day. Perhaps you could draw out the garment, or sketch out the design or inspiration that was seeded in the course of the Intensive. Put together all that you’ve learnt in a presentation.  


Day 07:  Visit to multi designer stores

Multi designer stores come with a retail strategy of their own. Mumbai houses it’s best ones at Kala Ghoda, interact with a manager of one of the designer stores. As you browse around these stores pick up on all the strategies, it could be instrumental in your journey at any point in time.  



Task:  Your Mumbai leg has come to an end, but you can’t sign off just like that. All your learning’s in the course of the Intensive boil down to this day. The concept that was seeded in your mind would have shaped up into a final product. Take us through the journey with a presentation you can also take the aid of concept boards and end product sketches.



In a nutshell: Days on the intensive come with learning’s that will inspire you to create work that perhaps seemed like a bleak possibility before. The Intensive is a one-stop destination for all your Fashion knowledge. It is a journey from conceptualization, which comes from inspiration and by the end you will be able to proudly showcase your work. The lineup of activities will put your creativity to test, group sessions will result in out of the box thinking that will leave you pleasantly surprised and the expert sessions will fill you with astonishment on understanding the inner aspects on all things Fashion. Imagine waking up to fashion, spending the day reeling around fashion activities and signing off for the night talking Fashion? Can you think of a better way to understand fashion inside out?  

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