Studio C9: One stop for all your branding solutions


Sid Do & Praveen, coupled by a love for each other and a passion for fashion, travel and design. Their journey began, in London College of Fashion while pursuing their educational degree in Fashion Styling and Photography and Design Management respectively. This rapture and knowledge led to the conceptualization and set-up of Studio C9.



Studio C9: Story so far

Starting off, as a fashion stylist and fashion photographer Studio C9 unfolded to become a Boutique Creative Innovation Studio. Every brand has a story of its own Studio C9 will weave a narrative true to your brand.    

Fashion brands have found an address for all their communication needs to be met. Studio C9 creates compelling content that will go on to become your brand voice, designs communication strategies to create dialogue with the target audience, ideate and create a look book and execute campaign shoots. Coming with a bandwidth of talented photographers, creative illustrators, renowned film-makers and industrial designers your brand will be well-tended for.



The space of Studio C9 opens up to other creative avenues like intimate theater, art/photography exhibitions, pops up stores for organic cloth labels or music gigs.  This interplay encourages creative engagement between people from all walks of life.

Their clientele base comprises a mix of big brands like Puma, Lifestyle, Arrow, Splash and Rare Rabbits and a couple of small niche brands like Pella, Baavli, Priya Agarwal and Ajay Kumar. Our line of work has also covered Lakmé Fashion Week’s collaboration with transgender.



Studio C9 redefines a Brand’s lingo and communicates to the target audience by touching upon their emotions in the most creative of ways.  

Such creativity has left Questerra flabbergasted? This open admiration has led us to open up the platform for the travelers of our Tradition & History Intensive to interact with them in the Mumbai leg of the journey.

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