Confluence of contemporary and traditional : Saachi Thahryamal.

Saachi Thahryamal

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Saachi Thahryamal is a fashion designer who retails from a flagship store in Jaipur, as well as from Aza & Anantam. A strong educational background supported by a line of work associations to be proud of is what helped Saachi pave a path for herself in the Fashion Industry. She pursued her interest in Fashion by getting a degree in Fashion Retail Management from Birmingham, UK.

She further advanced in the field by working as an Intern for a French connection. All this determination and hard work bore fruit, Saachi had her summer work rolled out in the Indian Runway week 2016. Saachi’s work stands for its flattering silhouettes, use of traditional Indian embroidery and wearability of the garment. Her collection elegantly encapsulates the beauty of Indian craftsmanship of danka, zardozi & gota work, but at the same time caters to a wide audience.

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 Saachi uses contemporary chic silhouettes and craftsmanship to create fashion. She has her roots firmly planted in Indian design technique, which finds its way in all her work. She pays close attention to intricate details and offers her clientele a wide array of silhouettes to choose from. Traditional and modern perspectives meet in Saachi’s designs.

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