Presenting Mother Son duo Sulakshana Monga & Dhruv Monga – A Fashionable family legacy

Sulakshana Monga

Sulakshana Monga, her name is synonymous with fashion. With her experience she can easily be fashioned as the virtuoso of the industry. Coming with an experience of 25 years, she set up her brand Soltee in the year 2003. The year 2008, saw her becoming an integral part of the FDCI. This is the just the beginning of her achievement listing. Her line of work goes by the likes of having participated and performed in the Lakmé Fashion Week, Amazon India Fashion Week, India Couture Week and in the India Bridal Week. She has wound up setting stores in Delhi, Ludhiana, Mumbai and Birmingham. Coveted globally, she has an ardent fanfare for her deigns world over.



Her work has been garnered with appreciation she has been honored with the Bharat Gaurav Award in the year 2014 for her creativity and in 2015 she was appreciated with the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Award in the field of art.


Soltee’s designs go on to show that Sulakshana Monga understands the needs of today’s women. Her designs are not restricted to handiwork and artwork but they also go on to evoke powerful emotions in its viewers and wearers alike because they are based off global concepts.



With reverence to our traditional craftsmen, the brand doesn’t fail to impress with a fresh zeal in each of its pieces. The brand presents its fashion lovers an exquisite collection of fabrics that are firmly entrenched with elegance, fabricated into pieces that remain unaffected with the distance of time and made with perfection to suit the woman of all ages.

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The signature elements that stand true to the labels style are the frilling up with delicate traditional handiwork, usage of luxury textiles, enhancement with bold cuts and the carefully done up painterly patterns. The evanescent nature of fashion when coupled with undying art, results in creating fashion that’s playful and exquisite in every sense.



The label is a breeding ground of sorts for the concept of East meets west. This culmination of western styles with the Indian ethos brings with it an assemblage for those who are young at heart. Going from global to local, her every piece ranging from diaphanous gowns to antiquated bridal wear, come with evident veneration to Indian heritage.

Her Journey in a Nutshell

Perhaps being born in Bikaner, a city that’s culturally and historically rich rubbed off its influence on her making her designs what they are. Starting of small, her journey is an awe-inspiring one, she started off in the year 1989, in Delhi Hauz Khaz with manpower of 5 workers and today she runs a design house manning 500 employees.



Her passion to create fashion has trickled down the family tree and has inspired her son, Dhruv Monga to follow her footsteps. Here’s presenting snapshots of his journey in the field.

Dhruv Monga


Dhruv Monga’s designs go on to reflect that he is his mother Sulakshana Monga’s prodigy in every sense. Based in Delhi, his designs sense blossomed under his mother’s watchful gaze. Apart from designing he is a man of varied interests one will often see him prop up a fiction or psychology novel in his spare time. All the intellect and maturity that comes with reading these novels peak out in his designs making him wiser than his years.



He has carved out a niche with himself by creating timeless traditional menswear and women’s wear. He envisions each of his pieces staying true to the Indian design palette with a dash of contemporary charm lacing it. Fashion Industry is evolving each day, from leaning back to old trends to new ones being set everyday change is the only constant. Dhruv Monga is here to sprinkle some freshness in fashion wouldn’t you want to seek inspiration from him?

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