Palak Shah, relive the magic of Benarasi weaves.

Palak Shah

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Palak Shah, the CEO of Ekaya a contemporary bespoke Store situated in New Delhi specializes in handcrafted and handmade textiles. The brand based in Banaras, stands for textile innovation.

Palak coming with a Business Management from UK has the much needed acumen and now is more or less the heart and soul of the company. With roots strengthened from a young age, she comes from a family that has been involved in preserving the tradition of Banarasi textiles for generations an initiative championed by her father, Bharat shah.



The family has a textile business in Banaras that caters to about 8000 weavers and Ekaya is an appendix of the same. Ekaya stands true to the same philosophy and presents a roll out of Banarasi pieces that caters to the millenial’s.  The label’s motive is to make the world see what all Banaras has to offer in terms of textile and to honor the craftsmanship of these workers.

  After being garnered with success as an entrepreneur, Palak has made Ekaya what it is, and started an online platform for the brand which is just an extension of the store, Ekaya Thaan.


It is focused towards creating a space which allows the Indian Textiles to exhibit their impeccable craftsmanship, inventiveness, and subtle yet noticeable sophistication.To reduce any waste produced by the brand, Palak also has an outlet store to clear stocks.


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Formal education only gives you so much. Palak’s actual learning about textiles came through while she began working with her father. Being backed by a parallel academic background, Palak’s textile knowledge took shape from her everyday experiences with textiles and weavers at Ekaya.


From keeping the traditional hand loom alive in the hearts of most people in India and around the world, to succeeding as an Entrepreneur, her indomitable spirit is what keeps Ekaya going strong.

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