Nakhrewaali- Unraveling the success story

Gursakhi Early Beginning’s

Born and raised in Amritsar, Gursakhi first connected with the creative world at the tender age of 4. Some people can do it all and indexing her achievements makes an endless list. For starters, she trained as a classical singer at 4. And at the age of 6 her creativity flourished on paper through painting. She spent her 7th year dancing and bagging an award at an intercity dance competition. In her free time she contributed to the country by skating at the National level.

Being employed as a HR professional she was bitten by the creative bug. Hence, her curiosity got the better of her and she entered the world of design. With social media expertise and a summer course from the London College of Fashion, she had the knowledge needed and started the brand Nakhrewaali.

Nakhrewaali Brand Story

With the advancement in Indian fashion, the Indian arts dilapidated. Hence, Nakhrewaali as a brand set out and address this by reviving antiquated Indian arts. It started in the year 2015.
She started with an array of 10 earrings, and eventually it evolved into an apparel label. Its creations carry India’s legacy because of the usage of vibrant textiles and handicrafts. This was just the start, and reading through the brand’s achievements is inspiring. In 2017, the first studio took shape. And by the year end,it was available in several multi-designer stores.

In her studio she employed several Karigar’s, thereby giving them a channel for creative expression. And next she entered the world of e-commerce with the launch of website in 2018. Subsequently, in the same year the brand won a recognition from Economic times for being ‘The Fastest Growing Instagram Business.’

Nakrewaal Offerings

Nakhrewaali, a clothing brand which caters to today’s girl. And here’s where all your clothing needs will be taken care of. That’s not all, the brand has a separate assortment to cater to the Indian bride. With all of this variety the brand invites its shoppers to indulge in self-love. Don’t hold yourself back, shopping with them is an idyllic way to gratify the Nakhrewaali in you.


Questerra looks up to creativity of this intensity. And hence we have for our travelers, ‘The Creative Entrepreneur Intensive’ in association with Nakhrewaali, and curated by Gursakhi. Are you looking to maneuver around the creative block in your mind? Then come on board, 7 days in Bali packed with workshops and design direction from Gursakhi. The experience is sure to tap into the creativity that’s somewhere got lost in you.

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