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Mumbai the country’s trade center educated us on business of jewellery and gave us the knowledge we’ve been seeking. Alongside, the curator Preeta Agarwal and mentor Katerina Perez, the business learning was channelized through a series of sessions with industry’s experts. Here’s a preview of the sessions.

TJI 2018 – Creators learning about PR Importance with Srimoyi Bhattacharya

Srimoyi Bhattacharya of Peepul PR in her session enlightened us on the manner in which PR can revolutionize the way a brand is perceived. The next industry expert session with Nirupa Bhatt of GIA was truly inspirational as she gave us insights on how she fought her way up the ladder in this man’s world. She went on to say, ‘If you value something, explaining becomes easier’ a thought which is enshrined in me and influences my professional decisions and preferences.

TJI 2018 – The Creators enjoyed the session with Nirupa Bhatt

Anand Shah’s session had us lost in retrospection, as he went on to explain that creativity is boundless and shouldn’t be subject to the fear of exploration. In his parting note, he told us ‘Give it your 100% and nothing is impossible.’  

TJI2 – Creators learning about Gold Jewellery from Anand Shah

In our next session, the intricate jewellery that has been spoken about took shape before our eyes in Shachee fine jewellery. Shahchee’s lace like jewellery embodies poetic craftsmanship, that’s rare to come by. It also gave us insights into the technique of mosaic, wherein a jewellery piece bears semblance to a miniature painting. Followed by this, a visit to Anil Bharwani’s studio made us realize that the human mind is a creative well of sorts. It is this power befitting us, that led Anil to create a spectacular collection of bejewelled masterpieces.

TJI 2018 – The Creators enjoyed learning from Artist Anil Bharwani

The session with Shreyas from C Krishniah Chetty and Sons had us look at luxury jewellery and its purchase in a whole different light specially coming from a jeweller who has a tall legacy to be mindful of. Contemporary Jewellery, its ideation, inspiration and protection- all of it were explained in a session with Pallavi Foley. Mithun Sancheti from Caratlane, the legend who revolutionized the world of online jewellery sales, offered us invaluable advice, telling us the best way to connect with the right audience is by customizing a product that best suits their needs.

TJI 2018 – Creators session with Industry Experts, From L to R – Shreyas V Cotha of C Krishniah Chetty & Sons, Pallavi Foley & Mithun Sancheti of Caratlane

Last but not the least, Mumbai’s learning concluded in a session with celebrity jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali of Farah Khan Fine Jewellery. Her session took us through the journey of jewellery professionals, the legal documentation, copyrights that is accompanied with jewellery creation and retail along with some tips & tricks on grooming ourselves.

TJI 2018 – Creators in company of Celebrity Jewellery Designer Farah Khan Ali

With our business acumen revved up in Mumbai, we went on to view the stunningly beautiful design sensibilities of London-based designers.

You can view all the happenings of the Mumbai leg of the Intensive here…  


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