Movies with a Social Message- Good conversation starters?


Bollywood flicks have surpassed stereotypical standards. It is no longer confined to the lead pair running around trees or dramatic scenes with a mother crying for her long-lost son. Films nowadays address battles of everyday struggles. They are here to proclaim a message that will leave a resounding effect in the mind. These movies have had a ripple effect on the society and here are some of the most evident changes that have resulted from the recent flicks.



This week’s latest release Sui Dhaga champions the causes of Entrepreneurial India weaving a tale of triumph about a couple who sets out and makes a change with nothing more than a sewing machine.
Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Toilet- Ek Prem Katha’ lifted the face of open defecation that rural areas in India have kept under wraps. Advocating the “Swach Bharat” campaign  this film resulted in a significant drop in the percentage of people defecating in open from 54% to 34%.

Ayushman Khurana’s ‘Shubh Mangal Savdhaan’ teaches the male populace that it is okay to suffer erectile dysfunction it does nothing to tarnish that oh so macho image that they strive to carry around. It shows one,that discussing a problem might just cure it.


Spirituality a subjective topic has been touched upon with films like ‘Oh My God’ and ‘PK’. Movies like this show you that there is another realm to spirituality beyond visiting places of worship or offering milk, sacrifices and flowers. These practices will continually be followed but at least such films have had a thought- provoking impact. Numbers aren’t there to reflect the changes these films have bought with them but each time someone offers milk to a deity they perhaps recall a still from this film and that is progression.

What do we take back from the cinema hall after watching these films? Apart from goosebumps dotting our arms and wiping off that occasional tear it is the awareness that comes with these movies which moulds the thinking of the society. Discussions on a coffee date or a catch up for that round of drinks revolves around problems that people are aware off but haven’t discussed in the open due to the fear of being judged. Many films have steered conversations on the table, one among them being Padman. Today a girl  can discuss a sanitary napkin in the presence of a man without any discomfort.




Movies with a social message have been made in the past but unfortunately, they haven’t been widely accepted. A few of the many are ‘Swades’ – being garnered with appreciation overseas but wasn’t a blockbuster in India, ‘Udaan’ reached the Cannes, but there is a section of the Indian audience it failed to cater to or one can recall ‘Kya Kehna’ which brought to the forefront an issue as delicate as premarital pregnancy. Why is it so? Like Indian films, Indian audiences have changed too. Movie-goers are now more receptive to watch offbeat films with a message and parents now want their children to be educated about the vices in the world and understanding the methods of combating them.  Like it’s often quoted “You are what you read” but you are also “What you see.” Watch such films and see the change you want to be.

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