Jaipur – Treasury of Traditional Jewellery

The Jewellery Intensive is an experience comprising of travel, jewellery learning and networking with jewellery stalwarts. The journey took us through Jaipur, Mumbai and London with learning modules designed around the tradition, trade and design aspects of Jewellery. With a quick introduction by the curator Preeta Agarwal and a warm welcome by the mentor Katerina Perez, the Intensive commenced in Jaipur, a city that’s world renowned for its heritage and craftsmanship. Here’s presenting an overview of the learning that transpired in the city.

Preeta Agarwal (Curator) & Katerina Perez (Mentor)

Horology was redefined in a session with Gaurav Mehta of Jaipur Watch Company, India’s premier bespoke watch making company. As we observed the process that goes into the customization and construction of watches, new paradigms opened up before us.  The visit to RMC Gems India ltd. educated us on gemology, and gave us first hand knowledge on the process of polishing and faceting gems.

TJI 2018 – Creators & Curators with Gaurav Mehta of Jaipur Watch Company followed by visit to RMC Gems

Our next jewellery learning experience entailed an illuminating session with Sunita Shekhawat. She took us through design story of Jaipur and Rajasthan jewellery and went on to elaborately explain the manner in which it her jewellery inspired from her childhood memories. The journey progressed with a visit to Jaipur’s another jewellery legacy- Amrapali. A visit to the Amrapali Design Studio was followed by a visit to the Amrapali Museum and an interactive session with Tarang Arora.  Known to be an amazing workplace for everyone Tarang shared insights in the brand’s principle, ‘A successful business is successful because of the constant efforts made by the director as well as the craftsmen.’

TJI 2018 – Creators with Sunita Shekhawat
TJI 2018 – Creators with Tarang Arora at Amrapali Museum

Visits to Gyan Museum and Gem Plaza, gave us an insider view of jewellery manufacturing and how even in India we also have a museum at par with international standards. Between the jewels, watches and art displayed in the museum and what came out of the vaults especially for us, all of us were completely mesmerized. Next on the agenda was a visit to the Jaipur Gems and jewellery museum. It encapsulated a timeline of jewellery. A noteworthy feature is the evolution of design, with the usage of the same material. Signing off at Golecha Jewels, we traveled back in time during interactions with 3rd and 4th generation craftsmen who practice emerald cutting as a family practice of sorts. This leg off the journey inspired us with the traditional side of jewellery.  

TJI 2018 – Creators Visiting Dhaddha Family of Gyan Museum & Gem Plaza
TJI 2018 – Creators enjoy emrald cutting with Vijay Golecha of Golecha Jewels

You can view all the happenings of the Jaipur leg of the Intensive here… 


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