How Questerra’s Intensives Have Impacted Our Creators

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Questerra’s intensives are carefully designed to facilitate high impact inspiration, Networking And Growth.In the past many of our creators have found their dream job, business partners and potential clients and inspirations for lifetime, where we only promised an intense travel experience.

Twiddling thumbs you may still be thinking to yourself “Why go on an intensive?” or “How will it help me?”  Here’s presenting to you a few scenarios that were awe-inspiring experiences for our creators


Your dream career is on the way back?

Afresh from the intensive one of our creators, Samrudhi found a career opportunity with our industry partner “Go Coop “ and is now a senior team member with them.


Samrudhi, being super passionate about all things sustainable, wanted to be associated with a brand that reflected goodness. She found her match with Go Coop and they are doing some great work. More power there!


Make strong business connects with fellow creators

Business expansions and heightened confidence levels were a couple of other things the creators took back from the intensive.

Our Dehradun based creator Sukriti Verma was recently showcasing her Mumbai based co-traveler Priya Sabherwals designs in her store! You go girls!


Strike International Business Deals!

Another awesome creator Baani Singh struck up a partnership with London Based designer “Onitaa” (one of our experts on 

tour) and is at the moment working at revamping her Digital presence and communication! She’s been smiling ever since and being referred around too.

Many of our creators leveraged from connects they established on tour and amongst themselves too, at Questerra we broaden our shoulders with pride as we see them showcasing each other’s work and grow this small but tight community of creators! Join this fab community.




Come back with lot of memories and learning


Questerra’s intensives enable our creators to trace out their Individual growth patterns, establish connects that will take them places in their particular field and gives them an unforgettable journey with a truckload of memories. All in all, retreats like these are also a step towards building a small community. You will return back from the intensive, with a strong support system that will offer you sound professional advice.Have these instances got you wistfully wishing for some groundbreaking change in your field?

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