How CCBP IIM-A put my faith back into education

Its taken sometime to write this email as the last camp was just too intense to take in. Taking a day off to reflect on the outcome of learning and going back to all the modules has added a fresh perspective to my thinking and i can’t wait to share the same with my team here at Questerra.
P.S. This is going to be a long email, so please read at ease.
I will admit to you all i was a bit unnerved on the first day of the first camp as I wasn’t sure if i had done the right thing in believing in the power of formal education after all these years. I wasn’t sure, if it was the right class, the right institution or even the right course. Only time would decide the fate of my decision from here on.
Would like to start with apologising first if i have managed to hurt anybody’s sentiments over the past few months due to my nature or doings, this includes all my fellow classmates, our strong team of advisors and faculty, mentors and the awesome operational team of IIMA. Please do forgive me if I have managed to offend any of you kind folks.
I cannot profess how helpful the programme has been to develop my cognitive thinking and the ability to bring a deeper fresher perspective to my thought process, from the memorable Chateau Margaux case study to Anthropologie, Fab India, Starbucks to the iconic Prof. Saral’s classes and so many others that i cannot mention here. They have all been deep rooted learning for someone as hands on as me. I thank you.
Besides the learning, I will cherish the concern of all our now new friends in Tanvi, Geetanjali and the ever smiling Shailee. Your concern and thoughtfulness to our needs, some rational and some err.. not so, were all looked into with seriousness and reciprocated. I thank you.
The chairs of the programme Prof. Amit and Anchal, I have few words that can explain the feeling of gratitude that has grown and strengthened in the last camp concluded recently. Prof. Karna and his style of rational thought and reasoning; Anchal for the sheer act of making my business his own which was evident at all times. I apologise to Anchal profusely for not being the perfect mentee but also assure you i soaked in all your few words and great motives with great intent and hope I will continue to get your support in the future when i am more capable to do justice to it. I thank you, Sirs.
I’d also like to raise a toast to some of our business experts who absolutely did not have to get their brains to work for our endeavours but did so with the best intent and unselfish motive; Our expert mentors in Shammy, Manoj Sir, Prasad Sir & Shilpa to name a few. I’l take the liberty to thank you all on behalf of the entire cohort of CCBP 2018-19, Take a bow, Sirs & Madame. Please, I thank you.
To my new friends, all of you peers of the cohort, you all have made me grow as a person over the last few months, from learning sarcasm from Azeem, passion for their art form and the perseverance to grow from Rajender, Aniket, Ashok, Rajnish & Bunty; Chetna and her courage to go above & beyond, Jovita’s tall sense of charm, Kavita’s perfection, Pooja’s and the feeling that she’s got you, err all of us covered. Priya just makes me feel miserable that i was not this focussed at her age, Ranajay’s princely quirk, Sair’s confused and inquisitive look, Srishti, Saloni & Tanya looks that would confuse & play, Pranidhi, Sourabh and Sourabh’s calm but very thoughtful words & Mandeep the boy who became a man in 6 months, I have grown so much in all your company. Addition to my 2 am friends in Payal, who I could talk to about anything and everything, considering its her, it would be more of the irrelevant stuff, Vipasha who’s added a new dimension to my thought process, Umang & Rahul the guys who could sabotage their business to grow yours, Esha & Aaron for their love and hospitality, Jaanu’s bubbly smile to always up your mood, You guys have me when you need me, I thank you, all.
I, for most part of my brief lectures and presentations have said that “travel has taught me more than my formal education”, I’m still not sure where this programme belongs in that comparison, but I’m happy to say that this experience has developed me at least as much travelling to few countries put together. I will now have to think about that line a bit more before I chose to use it. I thank you all for putting my faith back, into education.

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