Fashions Newest Genius Presenting- The Saldanha Label

Fashion knowledge bore fruition with the founding of the Saldanha label. An ace science major well into her first year of Masters in Chemistry which she was breezing through with high grades, Leona realized fashion is her calling. Her fashion journey began with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Raffles Millennium. After this she interned at a design studio based in Bangalore. Secretly irking to begin her entrepreneurial journey, the first steps came in the form of pre wedding outfits she designed for her best friend and thus began her freelancing career. Initially starting off as an Instagram account in June, 2017 it eventually went on to become a store in August, 2018.



Being a fashion addict, as a shopper she longed for a design studio that would cater to her every whim and fancy in terms of budget and design requirements. To make tangible dreams of the designer dreams harbored by people, she setup the Saldanha label.

Bringing with it an array of Western White Wedding Gowns and Indian Bridal wear they cater to the needs of the urban independent woman. Inspired off nature and everyday things their designs are prettified with Western aesthetics on Indian silhouettes. Minute detailing makes their offerings unique. The label’s USP lies in its hand embroideries and 3d ornamentation, with the pre-ordained budget constraints of the clients. Brides getting their collection designed by Saldanha Label are feather-bedded, by understanding their expectations the designs are customized and the bride is regularly informed of the process in her garments.



With their in-house design, stitching and embroidery team they create clothes with care. Questerra is inspired with this not so regular but equally motivating success story.



You could be the next one, to make a mark for yourself in the field. Questerra is looking to nurture more such geniuses, hence presenting to you Questerra’s Couture Stories Intensive to learn fashion  in an experiential way in the cities of Barcelona, Paris, Milan and London.

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