Fashion’s Newest Find- AISPI

With that idyllic European vacation planned-out, your shopping list might be an ever growing one. But how do you plan on unearthing those treasures, without prior shopping experience in the bustling streets of Europe? Your worry ends here believe it or not you’ve found yourself a shopping confidante with AISPI. What is AISPI? It is a comprehensive guide addressing shopper’s needs in Europe. AISPI’s founder Aisha backed by a myriad of experiences having spent her growing up years in India, studied and worked in the USA and finally married in Belgium, sensed a need to showcase to the world those designers who go unnoticed.



With a vision to bridge the gap between designers and consumers, she threw open the doorways to fashion and encouraged open communication. After thorough research and a careful vetting process, her website presents the work of designers you will not normally stumble by, but their work is worthy of cherishment.



Usage of AISPI will simplify your shopping experience. With its location finder you can explore the boutiques in the vicinity. Bookmarking the filter preference will help you sift through boutiques in your locality. The page has indexed Europe’s most fancied designers to bring to the forefront those shopping treasures which are tucked away.

Fashion with its continual evolution is presented with this welcome trend, and AISPI has been instrumental in forging a community of designers. The platform encourages designers on the rise to showcase their work, and make a mark for themselves.



Compulsive shoppers, see their dreams take shape browsing the website and skimming through their Instagram feed. Aisha with AISPI is a torchbearer for designers who are waiting to make a breakthrough. So if you have kept hidden the sketchbook which has etched in it your designs? If shopping adds that happy spring in your step, look nowhere else and log on to AISPI.



You can feed off this fashion innovativeness on Questerra’s Couture Storie Intensive. It is a journey spanning across Barcelona, Paris, Milan and London. AISPI with its fashion revolution has had us invite Aisha on board, as an industry expert for the Intensive. If you are looking to learn from this module of fashion business, hurry up and come along, Questerra’s Couture Storie Intensive.

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