Jaipur ; Fashion designer’s hub for inspiration !

Fashion designing is a creative platform to translate clothing with respect to your creativity. Most designers need inspiration to derive their looks. Art, architecture, music, culture, etc, are topics from which designers can derive their inspiration.

A designer could seek inspiration from anything, be it a painting, to a monument to a city itself. Without design inspirations, our mind lulls  in a ‘Creative Block’. Therefore, it is very to surround yourself with artistic inspirations from time to time.

Jaipur, is not just a colourful city filled with great architecture. It also consists of a vibrant culture, music and some scrumptious authentic Rajasthani food. In order to find inspiration, we simply need to open our eyes and look around. 

Many designers have had some of their best collection seeded in Jaipur. Designer, Punit Balana and brand Karma are few of the many names.

The Amer Fort  

The Amer fort with its impressive structure also stands out for its intricate details. The walls of the fort depict colors and patterns to be read in detail. Each color and pattern that’s been carefully chosen form the beauty that we see when walking around the fort. 


One such designer who was inspired by the Amer Fort was Punit Balana. Collection F/W’18 ‘Gulabi Chawk’


The Hawa Mahal 

The Hawa Mahal , Jaipur

The Hawa Mahal is a perfect example of beauty and intricacy in shapes. This mind-blowing palace can captivate your attention. The colour tone, shapes and structures are aesthetics that inspire designers.

One such designer brand is Karma which used the inspiration of Hawa Mahal in the “Lotus Raj” collection to make an Indian Suit inspired and named after the palace.

“Lotus Raj” by Karma

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Bapu Bazaar

Just like architecture, Jaipur is filled with numerous shops and markets. One such market is the Bapu Bazaar, located in the heart of the city. Drawing the attention of all shopaholics, the Bapu Bazaar offers immense number of clothes, Mojari shoes and handicraft items. This market also lets to explore fabric choices and helps you explore textiles by feeling and observing the texture.


Block printings in Bagru

While embroidery in Jaipur is being done with precision to detail, a lot of people also visit Jaipur for it’s creative approach towards block printings in Bagru. Bagru is a village in Jaipur popular for its wooden block printing and these prints are known as the “Bagru Prints”. The technique and process of watching craftsmen engage in prints is visually pleasing and very informative. Bagru not only known for its traditional prints but also for using eco-friendly methods of production and for using traditional natural prints.

Anju Modi used Bagru and Zardozi to make all her designs in the AIFW’16 fashion week finale


Travelling the roots of cities like Jaipur can be of high historic and design importance. Using these to produce designs which are true to you as a designer is what the journey is all about.


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