The Fashion Intensive 2 : Learning Fashion in the Pink City!

Questerra’s Tradition & History Fashion Intensive bring it’s creators to get the ideas flowing in Pink city. This leg of the journey will open up a whole different side of fashion to learn from. Jaipur is like a knowledge bank of sorts strolling around the streets, chatting up with artisans and learning in the course of the embroidery tour will result in ideas spurting and concepts taking shape.

Jaipur, with colourful hues painting the city, history enveloping its architectural marvels, and cultural richness lacing every corner makes it a storehouse of ideas for designers to seek inspiration from. Many designers have had some of their best collection seeded in Jaipur. Designer, Punit Balana and brand Karma are few of the many names.

Concept: East meets west

Theme: Modernizing Indian Culture/Tradition


Jaipur | Day 01

Places :Hawa Mahal, Bapu Bazaar and Amer Fort

As one snoop around these architectural marvels, one will be expected to gaze, admire and learn from them. All that inspires you can be represented in the form of pictures, sketches or write-ups. 



 Task  & Workshops: Ideation

Like they say it all started with a grand idea, so day 1 of the Intensive is dedicated towards gathering those grand ideas. Jaipur in all its mighty glory is going to inspire you, capture all of this inspiration in a sketch, drawing or write up. This will be followed by a brainstorming session, where tour mentor will sit down and analyze all that you captured bit by bit. Mentor will then orient you on design direction in an intense session. The matter churned out by you today will be a scrapbook of sorts, which you will keep referring to for the next two days.


Jaipur | Day 02:

Visit Saachi Thahryamal and attend a workshop 

Day 2 on the Intensive, you will learn about adding a contemporary twist to Indian Fashion in a session with Saachi Thahryamal. Post that you will be attending a workshop on where in you will be oriented on one of Jaipur’s embroideries.



In the course of the day you will be expected to observe the different types of motifs, play with the material to understand its feel and texture. Make purchases, bring them back only to incorporate it in the designs ofyour own to create something new.

Jaipur |Day 03 

Dye It Yourself Workshop

This is that day on the Intensive, when you actually get a chance to do the real thing. The Dye it yourself workshop, has a lineup of activities that will leave you enthralled and more knowledgeable by the end of the day. For starters, the travelers will be oriented with a range of natural dyes and powders. Post this you will learn the technique of Shibori/tie dye and natural dyeing. All in all its a day of learning and fun.



Explore the different type of tie and dye techniques to come back and incorporate it into designs of your own. All the tasks are centered around collecting inspiration that will lead to your end product that will be showcased by you in the end of the Intensive.




In a Nutshell: Days on the intensive, come with learning’s that will inspire you to create work that perhaps seemed like a bleak possibility before. The Intensive is a one-stop destination for all your Fashion knowledge. It is a journey from conceptualization, which comes from inspiration and by the end, you will be able to proudly showcase your work. The lineup of activities will put your creativity to test, group sessions will result in out of the box thinking that will leave you pleasantly surprised and the expert sessions will fill you with astonishment on understanding the inner aspects on all things Fashion. Imagine waking up to fashion, spending the day reeling around fashion activities and signing off for the night talking Fashion? Can you think of a better way to understand fashion inside out?  



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