Fashion within Art of Barcelona, Spain

                       You may be wondering why Barcelona? The 4 main fashion capitals are London, Paris, Milan and New York but there are some cities that are rising in terms of art and textile as well. Barcelona is one of them. When it comes to Art Nouveau, Barcelona is the place to be.

Modernism, the Catalan Art Nouveau

Modernism, the catalan Art Nouveau, has influenced Barcelona for many years now. This influence very evidently reflects when you visit Barcelona. Many buildings are inspired by Art nouveau. Art nouveau and Art deco emerged as a result of the effects of the world war. This period influenced fashion tremendously and also evolved in terms of architecture. The city of Barcelona screams Catalan Art nouveau and also highlights the influence of Gaudi in this art movement. Many people connect this movement in various ways and get inspired to create beautiful designs. Art nouveau in Barcelona can contribute to many research ideas and design directions.




Some of the designers that connect designs to Art nouveau is L’Wren Scott AW13, Suno AW13, Tory Burch AW13 and Emilio Pucci AW13


Buildings in Barcelona depicting Art Nouveau


Design houses in Barcelona

Barcelona also has various design houses to visit and closely examine the seam lines,hem lines and finishes. The couture precision are not only fascinating but very helpful for future designers who aspire to have high fashion seam lines and finishes. 

Chanel, Design House in Barcelona.


Trickle Down Fashion

Trickle down fashion theory is when the trends from the high fashion couturiers are being carried on by high street fast fashion brands and are mass produced. To visit a fast fashion high street brand and compare price points will be highly informative and efficient for commercial purposes.


In a city filled with art and architecture, it’s almost impossible to not feel a connect and get inspired.  Travelling to cities with a historical background towards art and to understand how people overcame political issues by deviating in art is very interesting. Design travels through history but always remember to put in your style and interpretation as a designer, that’s what makes it unique and stands out.

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