Fashion Infused In Films

A Film opens up windows to critical reasoning and reflects the era in which it was shot. More often than not we are obscured by a smoke screen films serve as a powerful tool to manifest one’s creative energy and recreate magic. The Fashion Industry being the society’s bread- earner revolves around a broad spectrum of topics that have been explicitly portrayed in films. Here is our list of iconic Films, Documentaries and Videos that have brought to light undiscovered facets of the Fashion Industry:

  1. Coco before Chanel: The face behind Chanel the brand coveted by one and all had a not so glamorous beginning. The movie unfurls revealing the timeline of Gabrielle Chanel’s climb up the ladder. Serving as seamstress for stage performers Chanel has her name timelessly etched on the canvas of Fashion.
  2. The Devil Wears Prada: Fashion Journalism, what is it about? Download this flick and dispel those doubts. The screen-play narrates how upheavals in fashion journalism turn a doe-eyed damsel into a cynic who is driven by the desire to succeed. Devil Wears Prada is an insider’s out coverage of how a fashion magazine functions.
  3. The September Issue: Vogue, the Bible of Fashion is emptied of book racks in Magazine stands every August for reader’s to get their hands on the September. The documentary unveils the happenings behind the 2007 September issue of vogue. Why was the issue a record-breaking success?
  4. Lagerfeld Confidential: Do you want to get on the dark side of fashion? Karl Lagerfeld quoted “Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous and unfair.” Lagerfeld Confidential documents the life of Karl Lagerfeld an Italian designer, who is renowned worldwide for his starch white-collars and dark glasses. Karl Lagerfeld with his mysterious aura limited the public screening of his life to a two minute walk on the runway. The film is the only insider’s footage of this legendary designer whose impeccable sense of style left in his wake a generation of designers.
  5. Dior & I: Cinematography of Dior & I takes you through the strategic takeover of Dior house by Raf Simon’s. His debut season is marked by his Haute Couture collection which was put together by seamstresses in a span of 8 weeks.  In the Fashion world, one fails to see beyond the glitz and glam Dior & I pays homage to the seamstresses who play a crucial role in putting together the complete ensemble.
  6. Scatter My Ashes At Bergsford: Every designer aims for their designs to be splayed in the display window of Bergsford, a high-end departmental store in Manhattan. This movie brings to light about the activities that are conducted behind the shutters of Bergsford. Isn’t this reason enough to download the flick? The star – cast reels out a couple of big names like the Olsen Twins, Karl Lagerfield, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs to name a few.
  7. The Next Black: The Future of Fashion? Where is it taking us? Trending technologies in the world of Fashion. Are you up to date? The Next Black will enlighten you about everything from the processes to the future of Fashion. The film is more or less an open room discussion of innovators, designers and leaders so prop the notebook on your knee and take notes as you flick on the screen an open the encyclopedia of Fashion.
  8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Audrey Hepburn gives an award- winning performance as Holly Golightly. At the threshold of adolescence every American sweet- heart gets dewy-eyed ogling at the Tiffany ring. Encased in a periwinkle blue box and bowed in a satiny white ribbon, the Tiffany ring symbolizes marriage and everlasting love. The twists of fate in Holly’s life her chance encounter with love and being ringed with the Tiffany. Fashion is best defined with the right accessories. Could anything replace the Tiffany? If soppy romantics and classics are your thing, then get your hands on this one.
  9. McQueen and I: Collaborations in the Fashion arena aren’t unheard of. Alexander Mc Queen was handpicked by Isabelle Blow, the Godmother in the world of Fashion made it big with his designs bearing the semblance of staged costumes. Watch this movie to uncover what events led to the downhill of this legend.  Her funeral was staged like a fashion show, showcasing the biggest stars of the age. Aren’t you intrigued? Grab your bowl of popcorn and sit back to watch this flick.
  10. Valentino, The Last Emperor:  There couldn’t be a better end to this list, by bringing to the forefront Valentino Garavani the King of Fashion. Haute Couture cannot be mentioned without a reference to his name. Valentino Garavani’s Life permeated with indefinable luxury, a standard that is practiced but remains untouched till date. Like all good things Valentino’s career came to an end, watch this film to see his journey to the end.

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