Explore to In-plore.


Your time is now.

We all know that today and right now is the youngest you will ever be, every second after now, you are only that much older and hopefully wiser; okay I’m itching to take back the latter.

But seriously, when was the last time you did something for yourself? Just by yourself? something that made you happy, filled in the voids that are present but invisible in your life. Think and don’t just sit there thinking about it and postpone the ‘doing’ it for the future. Do something about it.

Most of our lives are spent in running shore to shore in a wild goose chase for money, and then more money and then more money, only to realize its too late to spend it.Too bad, you’ve lost your prime life in the hunt.

Or as the legendary Steve Jobs would say, “your time is limited…”

Go get a hug, laugh, paint, sew, make music, sing, design, talk, dance whatever it is that makes you happy, makes you want to do it more and more. The more you will do it, the more you’re going to master it and if you master it for the sake of mastering it, it will give you the benefits sooner rather than later. Seek more knowledge around your passion, talk to people, read and more so practice. Don’t be a phoney seeker for the sake of appeasement, rather seek to fill in the void, to master, to make every practice better than the one before. In the beginning even framing or figuring out the right questions will be difficult, forget the answers, zen and Indian monks wandered and travelled for years just to find the right questions. Surprisingly, answers will come if you find the right questions.

Reminds of the zen story of the “Goose is out”.

This will lead to real inspiration, inspiration as a word however, has been used and abused too often these days which has undermined its meaning, but its importance is so useful that you can find the purpose of your life if you’re truly inspired.

The only task then left would be expressing your inspiration.

“Inploration” a word i picked up in class at IIM-A and it stuck to me, as its something we should all do and ironic as it may sound, the more you explore, the better you can in-plore.


Rishabh is the founder of Questerra.co, A keen traveller, startup-er he is an IIM-A alum and Josephite and has lived and travelled in over 40 countries and still continues do so. Wants to eventually travel slow.

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Thoughts here are his personal thoughts and not necessarily of the company, he can be reached here or here.


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