Diwali decor done right

There’s a ring of festivities in the air, lamps are being lit, and fireworks illuminate the sky. “Diwali” or “Deepawali” is here. To some, it is the Festival of lights and to others, it is the victory of good over evil. It is more or less a spiritually cleansing process and a time to seek forgiveness, to celebrate with happiness the good things in life, to cleanse your home and to invite good fortune into your homes and lives.

Questerra’s newest Spatial Intensive taking its travelers to Bali and China is about the efficient planning, designing and utilization of a space.  The experts on board the Intensive have penned down pointers on some home décor tips to give your house a homey feel this Diwali. So bedeck your living space with lights, lamps, flowers and all things pretty to spread the essence of those festivities. Here’s presenting a few tips to festoon your homes with ornaments that will give off those festive feels.

Dazzle up the entrance and exits of your home with sequined strings to add the glitzy or chromatic look to your décor.  What suits your preference? You could walk through a trail of hued tassels, align up mirrors, put together an assortment of beads or just choose a colour palette and throw in those sequins. One has sustainable options that perhaps cause less damage to the environment in comparison to other décor items. You could find something suitable here. 



Sitting holed up in your hostel or PG, nostalgically thinking how back home your house will be done up with lights and the festivities will be in full swing. Diwali is the victory of light over darkness, so cheer up get yourself fairy lights, and try out these options to make a home away from home.

Instead of just aligning them in the corner, you could try something creative. This Diwali, don’t limit the use of bottles to launch that rocket. Get your hands on a couple of those glass bottles and weave the lights into it. Appropriately position these bottles or have them hung from the ceiling it recreates the ambiance in no time. If you prefer something smaller get yourself one of those mason jars and squeeze the fairy lights into it. You could have Fairy lights trimming the mirror or entwine them in a saree or dupatta and drape them on a wall or painting that you wish to enhance. The possibilities are endless.



Who doesn’t love the fragrance of flowers wafting in the air? This Diwali, play around with the floral arrangement by giving these ideas a shot. Gives those floral garlands new twists by encircling it on drapes or trim it all through the length of it, Weave it with ribbons or make just affix them on chandeliers. Keep an assortment of bouquets to give an outdoorsy garden-like feel to your home. Log on to ‘One Roze’ a luxury florist offering exquisite floral décor options to revamp the look of your home.



Those paper lanterns agleam with light, in vibrant colors hanging off the ceiling, exude festive spirit in an explicit way. There are numerous ways to style these paper lanterns you could have them bobbing at different levels in a single color tone, line them up in color-coordinated sets of two or picking any and every color. What’s your style? Create a different vibe this Diwali!


Diwali décor is incomplete without those Diyas. This year how about experimenting a bit, give your diyas an all-new look. If you are one of those with a creative flair paint them all up in pretty patterns, take old tins that you’ve stowed aside to discard, paint them and affix it on the walls and place diyas in it, place lit diyas in tiny glasses, strategically position them in the Rangoli you garnished, for those wintry setups take some yarn and knit small tents and place your diyas in it and you could also have them placed in the beach shells you collected off the beach.


Numerous home décor stores have an array of items specially put together to enhance the festivities.

Shop for similar decor items on these websites.

https://www.giftalove.com/home-decor/diwali, https://www.talash.com/send-diwali-candle-holders



Diwali is also a time for introspection and new beginnings, at Questerra our team is tirelessly working to put together intensives that will bring about a new beginning in your life. So here’s wishing you all the happiness and success from team Questerra.
Happy Diwali!


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