Delhi: Dedicated to those Fashionable Dreams

Questerra’s Indian Contemporary Intensive, as the name suggests is an experience for creators to witness the manner in which Indian fabrics have fit into today’s contemporary designs. Indian fabric has its partisans scattered world over, hence it has been globalized. Come and explore the finery of Indian textiles in the cities of Delhi, Varanasi and Kolkata.

Beginning with Delhi, a city that’s been passed on from one Empire to another, built up an amalgamation of fashion based on those yesteryear’s. The city with its fearless design in every sense opens up the locked doorway to imagination.

The city’s experiences range from inspirational visits in its architectural marvels to a series of sessions will leave you returning back fashionably intellectual. Presenting, an account of the Delhi leg looks like:

Concept: Authenticity

Theme: Globalizing Indian Textiles





On arrival, post the orientation begins the first activity on the intensive.

Begin by strolling around Red Fort and Chandini Chowk. While going on a promenade in these two places, capture their essence in its entirety, it will help you ideate a concept for a masterpiece of your own.

Red Fort, picked for the historic aura enveloping it, brings to the forefront unimaginable design elements that could inspire designs of your own.

Proceed to Chandini Chowk, which could perhaps be called the world of textiles. Bright colorful hues could inspire you to create something. You could also source items for your embroidery and swatches.



Through each of your visits, capture all that inspires you click pictures and make those pointers. Return back and find a way to present all that inspires you. You could sketch it out, compile it in a presentation or design a mock-up. This is topped with one-on- one information sessions, to find a way to channelize your inspiration into your masterpiece.


DAY 02


This day brings a lineup of information sessions. Feed off fashion success stories with the following sessions:


Param Sahib,presents you to the eclectic side of fashion, 

Aishwarya Sharma, orients you on communicating social messages through fashion. 

Palak Shah, CEO of Ekaya shares her entrepreneurial journey. Starting off with humble beginnings, her family business went on to monopolize Banarasi fabrics in the country.


Session with Sulakshana Monga, in Soltee studio goes on to show the intricacy of Indian couture. 



Bounce around ideas that were shaped in the course of the sessions. Again think up ways of applying the knowledge and learning in the masterpiece your on the way to creating.



In a nutshell: Days on the intensive come with learning’s that will inspire you to create work that perhaps seemed like a bleak possibility before. The Intensive is a one-stop destination for all your Fashion knowledge. Curated by Deekshita Jain, a designer who is here to change the fashion scene with her label  phd. The Intensive is a journey from conceptualization to creation, that comes from inspiration derived in the course of the journey. You will return back with work your proud to showcase. The lineup of activities will put your creativity to test, group sessions will result in out of the box thinking that will leave you pleasantly surprised and the expert sessions will fill you with astonishment on understanding the inner aspects on all things Fashion. Imagine waking up to fashion, spending the day reeling around fashion activities and signing off for the night talking Fashion? Can you think of a better way to understand fashion inside out?  

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