Creators Talk – Baani Singh: Reminiscing the Fashion Intensive


Questerra in the midst of gearing up for Fashion Intensive 2 fondly recalls some of the travelers who journeyed with us on our previous intensives. Leafing through the stories, makes us realize we are headed in the right direction, dreams have taken shape on these wondrous journeys. We decided to stop by and check up on our creators and relive some good old memories.

Here’s presenting to you a series, where our creators get up close and personal about their professional journey and also give us an insider account on the memories made and friendships forged in the course of the Intensive.


Baani Singh

A free-spirited 23 year old has got the ball rolling as a fashion stylist & a Creative consultant. Perfecting the juggling act she is at the moment working in a Production house getting direction in video editing and freelancing as a stylist. Watch out, she is here to change the face of Fashion. Read along, she is letting us in her personal space.


 Hello there, how’s life been treating you post the fashion Intensive?


I can almost hear the smile in her voice and here’s what she goes on to say.

“I think it’s been a little easier than it was before that, because I don’t know the exposure and stuff has changed my way of thinking it comes to me easier than it was before I got into it”


 Which places would you recommend for version 2 of the Fashion/Jewelry Intensive? Why?


“I think Japan if possible that is one place that’s really evolving. I would want to see what the Fashion scene like is there and derive inspiration from it”.


What changes have come about in your professional journey post the intensive? What is the impact it had on your life?


“Professionally I think the fact that I had a very close interaction with a lot of professionals from different parts of the industry. It has given me a lot more confidence about my own profession and how I carry myself in like the general professional environment. I think it has added a lot of confidence which I always thought I was lacking but now I am pretty okay”.



 What additions/subtractions would you recommend in version 2 of the Fashion/ Jewelry Intensive?


Perhaps the Intensive could be for a shorter duration of time. This one being a month long, had all us become like a close-knit family. This was a remarkable thing, but in the process there is a slight possibility of learning taking over fun.



  Intensives enable interaction, between people in the industry. Tell us your experience interacting with peers in the industry?


Since the fact that all the creators were from different aspects of fashion it was very easy for all of us to complement each other in terms of if I am good with communication somebody else is good with design.

I know how to portray that design to the world for it to sell. All of that interaction was very valuable in the sense that it was easy for me to understand like I am working with a designer and have to help them with the communication plan.

I got to learn what goes on in the designers mind like that with one on one conversations. It was extremely valuable for me also and I am sure it was for them also.


Would you advise others in the industry to go on a Questerra’s fashion/jewelry Intensive? If yes? Why?


Yes I would definitely because I think the kind of exposure that this month will give you is something more than a 3 year degree sitting in a college can give you.

Because in the Intensive you’re on your own going through so many different cultures your understanding it and seeing how to fit that culture in a fashion space.

I think that is really nice and important and I think everybody should have the opportunity to go for it.

You begin to recognize what is outside you know what is lacking here and you eventually work at bridging the gap in between. It is extremely helpful in your career too.


 Your thoughts on the learning modules and insights covered by Sayesha in the course of the Intensive?


She did have good knowledge on the subject. And her design sense is remarkable.


 Would you be interested in showcasing your products/service for collaboration? There are 4 Fashion Intensive’s this year in the next 6 months going to Indian cities like Varanasi, Jaipur,, Mumbai, Delhi, the Asian cities of Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo and the European cities of Barcelona, Paris, Milan and London we are working on a tech platform which will showcase your work for collaborations to all our new creators as well as industry partners around the globe would you be interested in showcasing your product/ service?


“Yes! I think that sounds good, sounds like a nice idea. I wouldn’t mind”.


 Share one memory in the course of the intensive that you will fondly recall or speak off?


I think for my personal reflection of like how I did when we were in London and went to Onita’s office. Sitting there, listening to the talk I did have a few questions in my mind.

Generally I am not the kind of person who will ever stand up and ask a question. I am always that person in the corner whose quiet and shy but that day I just thought I should like go for it and ask.

I asked and that eventually got me a project that I did with her even when I was back.

I think for me it was just that something I’ll fondly remember.

Actually the fact that I was outside and I convinced myself to take that extra step and get out of my comfort zone that for was something that I won’t forget



Baani Singh’s shares an unfiltered version of her Questerra journey.  In the course of the journey she transformed only to find her true calling. We at Questerra our proud to see the confidence her work exudes.  With starting off as the shy one in the corner to fearlessly asking questions that landed her an opportunity to work with Onita. Her transformation in the course of the Intensive is a metamorphosis of sorts.  Are you looking to find yourself? Questerra’s Fashion Intensive 2 is round the corner, applications are now open. Stay tuned our next post features Samina Ali speak about her journey on the Jewellery Intensive.  

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