Creators Speak – Samina Ali: Set out on a quest to seek knowledge



Samina Ali, Creator TJI 2018


Dreams a million dreams. Standing at the brink of her career, a NIFT student presently interning at Amrapali is on the way to making a mark for herself. Dreams take shape and become reality, in a nutshell, that was what Samina’s Questerra journey was about.  


The child-like innocence resonates in her voice, as she chirpily narrates her account of the Intensive.



  Hello there, how’s life been treating you post the jewelry Intensive?


Post the jewelry intensive life has been very good for me and it has helped a lot. The jewelry intensive helped me get a step ahead and into Amrapali. Because of the Intensive it was much easier to land an internship in the company.  It gave me an opportunity to work with my dream company.


 Which places would you recommend for version 2 of the Jewelry Intensive? Why?


I would recommend Jaipur to be a part of Jewelry Intensive 2, because the city was personally life changing. Many techniques are practiced across India like in Orissa the Siliguri technique is beautiful to watch and learn from.

I would like you to show the students the art and craft of India from the view of artisans. Because seeing things from the root level will help them understand better. When it come’s International destinations I think Paris should be included.


  What additions/subtractions would you recommend in version 2 of the Jewelry Intensive?


I think 3 cities got a little hectic but I personally enjoyed it. So it can be two cities and not 2 weeks maybe 1.5 weeks. At the end of the Intensive, you could host a workshop that will be open for anyone to attend, maybe at a minimal fee. In the workshop, all that we’ve learnt in the course of the Intensive could be demonstrated and we can educate the attendees.




 Intensives enable interaction, between people in the industry. Tell us your experience interacting with peers in the industry?


It was really good I feel thoroughly blessed to have met with everyone in Intensive because I got to learn about the Industry from every perspective. With a varied group, there was Neha from the merchandising field, Preeta in the media management and blogging space and Priya being an entrepreneur told us what it takes to handle a business of your own.


Would you advise others in the industry to go on a Questerra’s jewelry Intensive?  Also do give us the reasons for the same?


Yes I have already started promoting it to my juniors. The experience brings with it immense knowledge, it helped me realize my ambitions and enabled me to take life decisions that I wasn’t able to otherwise take. This isn’t really possible in college because it is a sheltered environment.

On the intensive I understood the enormity of the Industry I hadn’t realized how big it is. Post the intensive I now know my strengths, weaknesses and interests.  

If one can afford the experience, they shouldn’t miss it for anything.



      Your thoughts on the learning modules and insights covered by Preeta in the course of the Intensive?


I just loved it. It was so perfectly planned and curated. I could grasp and understand all of it from the Indian traditional jewelry in Jaipur to the high luxury jewelry in London. It educated me about every aspect in the Industry.

Learning from Preeta was a good and enjoyable experience. She is an excellent team leader and had a friendly approach with everyone, which made learning fun.


  Would you be interested in showcasing your products/service for collaboration? There are 4 Fashion Intensives this year in the next 6 months going to Indian cities like Varanasi, Jaipur,, Mumbai, Delhi, the Asian cities of Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo and the European cities of Barcelona, Paris, Milan and London we are working on a tech platform which will showcase your work for collaborations to all our new creators as well as industry partners around the globe would you be interested in showcasing your product/ service?


Yes sure I would love to.


    Share one memory in the course of the intensive that you will fondly recall or speak off?


There were so many but the most memorable one for me was meeting Sunita mam. She was my dream designer, and I wanted to meet her. I still remember coming out of her showroom and crying happy tears for the first time in my. Thank you for the experience it is a life memory for me.



Have you dreamt a dream so earnestly, that the sheer magnitude of your longing can’t be expressed in words? Questerra is here to bridge the gap between those dreams and your reality. Samina Ali’s eyes welled up with happy tears on meeting Sunita Shekhawat. What’s your dream? For all you know Questerra can fulfill it.



Today she is blossoming with confidence, learning something new each day and living life the Questerra way. Wouldn’t you want to live life this way? Look out for this space, more of creators speak about their Questerra experiences.


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