Barcelona’s Architecture gives Creative Direction

Questerra’s fashion intensive, presents its newest offering going by the name ‘Couture Storie Intensive.’ You will learn couture, by visiting places it was originated and popularized in. Traversing through Barcelona, Paris, Milan and London curated by Deekshita Jain, the experiences on the intensive will present you with Fashion revelations that will in turn reflect in your design story. The Barcelona leg of the Intensive, is designed for you to gather the much needed inspiration, here’s telling you how.

Barcelona, beckons fashion professionals to seek inspiration from its architecture. The city boasts of housing most of the architectural marvels created by Antoni Gaudi. You may wonder why fashion learning expects one to observe architecture. Fashion or creativity of any sorts is inspired when one witnesses something that’s a cut above the ordinary. Gaudi Architecture goes on to exemplify extraordinary.



Our fashion exploration in the city begins at Sagrada Familia. The church abounded in its historic charm has its construction spanning across 135 years, and is expected to see its completion in 2026.

Sagrada Familia towers a height of 200 feet, as you walk around notice carefully you will begin to realize the space bears semblance to a forest, its motifs are nature inspired and it has been constructed to have light pour into its interiors These are a few  of the innumerable things to observe.


Keep your camera and notepad handy to capture the essence of this marvel. Every aspect has a reason of its own. In your visit you will be expected to record and capture all of this, so that you can do a thorough research and draw out reasons for the manner in which it was constructed. These little nuggets of information will in some way aid you in ideating a new concept/design.

The next stop on the itinerary is a visit to Passeig De Gracia, for its Spanish Vibe. The boulevard packs in fashionable stores and architectural landmarks. Spend your time strolling around and capturing away. Observing the people will tell you a lot about a city. Walk back with a visual record of the place.


Before lights out, you will have a brainstorming storming with Deekshita Jain of PhD. All of this inspiration, what do you do with it? It can seem overwhelming. Flip through all your pictures and read the notes. In this session, she will take through the design process and the art of Brainstorming. Your creativity will be put to test as you are expected to build a direction/story. The beauty of these sessions is that they will challenge you, give your design direction and guidance for the remainder of the journey.

Pablo Picasso made the world artistically rich with his artwork. Day 2 in Barcelona will have you visit the Picasso Museum. The best way to understand art is to trace the journey of an artist. Housed in a surreal setup, backed against 5 gothic palaces the museum opens up to a collection that depicts Barcelona through Picasso’s eyes.

Apart from admiring the beauty, understand the background of the creation. Each piece comes with a distinctive style and story of its own. Knowledge enrichment leads to the best creations.



Then you will head to Salvador Dali museum, and see the masterpieces created by the artist. Study everything from his conceptualization to his artwork you could draw in a lot from it.

 Compare historical art with contemporary styles in your next visit at the MACBA art Museum. The museum has documented work starting from the 1950’s to the present day minimalistic styles adopted by artists.

Have you ever wondered if a building construction says a story?  Witness the beauty of Casa Batllo and observe its narrative. Every space of the building is symbolizes a  deeper meaning. Observe all of this and communicate a message with your designs.

  Having started off as the construction of an apartment, Casa Mila went on to defy Barcelona’s architecture. Peer closely the roof’s building bears the testimony of nature’s forces and the buildings attic is shaped like a python’s skeleton. Creation of something new is spurted after seeing something as drastic as this. This buildings design broke barriers, which went on to challenge Barcelona’s architecture.



Questerra’s Couture Storie intensive Barcelonan leg is going to expose you to experiences that will help in gathering inspiration. Take all this inspiration and channelize it into creation during the Paris and Milan leg of the Intensive. Stay tuned, to know the fashion learning that will be covered in Paris, Milan and London.


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