Aishwarya Sharma, weaves social messages thru fashion.

Aishwarya Sharma, Fashionist

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Fashion includes the art of design, trends, color, and all things fascinating to the eye. But is that all?

Fashion is much more than just that, it’s a medium to express your thoughts, societal conflicts and beliefs.

One such person to have recognized this is Aishwarya Sharma, our very own Fashionist (Fashion+Activist).

Aishwarya Sharma is a young woman who took blogging and social media influencing into a whole new direction. She conveyed all her thoughts on social conflicts through fashion.

She is the founder of Figuramoda, her blogging site, used to express all things fashion and inspiring.

Using the internet to break barriers and speak about things that our perfect “instagram” feed refuses to convey, is something Aishwarya has expressed through her blogging.

Empowerment is something most people express in ways they feel comfortable. Expressing this through art and creativity is what Aishwarya does best.

Being a Fashionist is not easy. The internet can be a place with negative and positive insights. The journey of changing thousands of people’s mindsets that follow you, negative feedback is bound to trickle back. This can affect you mentally in most circumstances. Having a positive attitude, not getting weighed down by haters and standing true to your beliefs is not always easy but is essential. Aishwarya has seen it all and has evolved to become a stronger activist.

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We hope Aishwarya Sharma continues to use the power and influence of social media to radically change the way people think.

Having a strong motivation towards a creative field that can most definitely influence people is a blessing and we hope she continues to do that with the same grace and vibe.

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