Dreamy awe inspiring passion in stills: Abhishek Golecha

Abhishek Golecha

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People are meant to follow their dreams and pursue what they love because that’s what life is about. Abhishek Golecha is one such young man who recognized his passion-photography and walked towards it. His work speaks for itself. His story is an inspiring one and will strike a chord with many, starting off with not knowing where to begin from?  He found his calling in photography and pursued it relentlessly and fearlessly, stopping for nothing.


With such a humble beginning, Abhishek now shoots celebrities across Delhi, Dubai and South Africa. He has developed a distinctive sense of culture, which showcases his work and signature style.


Having grown up in Jodhpur, he moved to Mumbai for academic purposes. Photography was just a hobby until he enrolled for a college contest, and discovered that there was a reservoir of talent waiting to overflow within him. Ever since then, he knew photography was his thing and stuck to it.



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This profession is accompanied with travel, peering behind the camera lens Abhishek is exploring the world and capturing all the magic it has to offer. Coming with a rich experience, his body of work goes on to show he has worked with the best in the industry, Errikos Andreou.


His photographs are a reflection of hard work and are true to his style. To all the youngsters who wish to pursue their dreams but are afraid of the outcome, Abhishek is a wonderful example. We hope he continues to aspire and inspire people.



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